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    Exams Preparation

    2016 · Exams preparation in Aleppo
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    We build a hope

    2016 · Students getting their certificates
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    Creative children

    children draw a picture describes how the regime targeted their schools

Internal bylaws

The Bylaw is a way to adjust the work within the Education Directorate; to get the employees familiar with the ED details and scope of work for each job separately and for the departments and sub-departments among each other’s.


The Education Directorate is holding many projects in coordination with NGOs to ensure the continuity of Education despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the people.


The ED has Education Assemblies (EAs) and educational offices distributed over the province, find out aboout each of those EAs separately.


Find out about the Education Directorate departments and sub-departments and their tasks.


To keep up with modern times and to facilitate the access of educational content to all students, we uploaded an E-copy of all school textbook classified as per educational grades.

About us

The directorate of free education in the province of Aleppo is considered an essential part of the educational system. It is responsible for fulfilling the educational policy in the governorate ,and supervises all the private and public schools , kindergartens and the intermediate institutes too. The director of education is responsible for administering all the former establishments and is helped by three assistants: the first one for the technical and vocational education, the second one for secondary affairs , and the third and last for the intermediate affairs.

News and Announcements

Extend the administrative week in the schools of Aleppo city without countryside

Extend the administrative week in the schools of Aleppo city without countryside 

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وصف الفيديو
وصف الفيديو

Visible report on the standard exam done by Tell Rifaat assembly

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Russian airstrike targeted Alamal School

Russian airstrike targeted Alamal School 

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